I am colourful in every aspect of my life.

Hello, I am 17 and a bit “colourful” girl. I am colourful in every aspect of my life. Including my sexual orientation, my hair style, my fashion sense, the way I talk. I dye my hair to different colours, like blue, purple, pink. I get a tattoo in different styles. The way I dress is different from others. My friends says that I am too casual and even my fellows insult me when I am not around. While walking on the street, I have to bear to disgusting glances of people and their horrible sentences. My own family is always there for me, I am never excluded in the family. I hear the sentences from men that I didn’t even hear from my grandfather that are in my grandfather’s age. “You are going to burn in hell!”, “Because of people like you, this country is not improving!” and etc. Because of that situation, I decided to quit my high school even though I was senior and continue to open education high school. I was sick of that. How can I do someone a bad turn?

You are saying this country is falling behind because of people like me, but my academic success is over the average of people in my age. Maybe I will represent our country better than them. You are saying that I will burn in hell but what happens between the creator and me considers only me. You don’t have the right to despise me. My fellows are insulting me, but I am same as you. Why don’t you let me be your friend just because I don’t look like you? Boys in my age gossip about me and mock me but what did I do to you, why are you insulting me like that? There are many teenagers who is going through the same thing with me, only thing we want is to act like we want. Why did you suppress us with psychological pressure just because we wanted to brighten our future? We are human beings, just like you no more or no less. Why don’t you give us a chance? 

(Image: Sean Lewis)

(Translator: Ö.K.)

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