Every woman, child, animal who is killed is a blotch of this country.

Hi! The subject I want to write about is a bit irrelevant to the subject of your platform. But I want to pour out my heart. I hope it makes an impact on ignorant and villain people.

 Today (22 July) is the day Pınar Gültekin has been murdered. My pain is so deep. I want to cry loudly. I want to scream my pain to the whole world. I say, “Let this be the end” and two hours later there is another bad news. They are killing us, we are decreasing day by day, our fear is increasing every day. Women cannot live in this region. Please hear our voice. There is femicide every day, pain every day. You think when a woman dies, the only death is her, don’t you?
 Let me tell you how many people are going to that grave.

My relative died. 38 knife wounds. Her body was shattered. She was not only my relative. She was like my sister, she was the one who holds my hands in hard times, the partner of my best memories. She was full of life. You should have seen her smile, it makes you happier than anything. I cannot understand, still cannot. How did he kill my sister?  Didn’t it hurt him at all? Didn’t his conscience ever hurt?

Today after a year, I gathered my courage and went to her grave for the first time. I sat next to her.I cannot describe that moment. You cannot understand that. I wanted to hug to her grave and cry. I wanted to shout all the pain in me. I could not. I pinched my skin to not to cry. I held myself hard. I wanted to tell everything to her. I wanted to tell her how I suffered while she was away. The only thing that I could say was “What are you doing here sister”. I could only talk that much. It was like pieces of fire, not tears, flowed from my eyes.I could stay only 1 minute.  I could hold myself for 1 minute. That one minute felt like a lifetime to me. The worst one minute of my life. Not only my sister went to that grave. Childhood, dreams, laughs of a little boy who hasn’t had enough of his mother went. Her mother’s soul went. Her sister’s happiness went. My hopes went. Entire humankind went to that grave with her. When a woman is killed, not only that woman is killed. Can you understand now?

This is the shame of mankind.  Let all of you feel this pain. All of you hear me. All of you read these lines. All of you listen the rebellion of the land and sky. Shame! Every woman, child, animal who is killed is a blotch of this country.

Do not forget! When a woman dies, humankind go to that grave, as well. Be ashamed of your humanity. Hear our voice. We are slaughtered. We are in pain, please do not be silent.

Scream now, we are dying!

Translator: Leyla B.

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