My mom said, “You know the best. It’s your life eventually.”

I wanted to veil willingly in the 8th grade, without family pressure. When I opened it up to my mom, she said I was too young, and I shouldn’t veil now if I’m going to take it off in the future. But I said I was sure, and I wanted to veil. This was the case at that age, of course. Then I told my dad, he said, “Okay.” One weekend we went shopping, and I started veiling.

Now I’m in the 12th grade, and I don’t want to be veiled anymore. My ideas changed, and I’m not comfortable when I’m veiled. People look at me weird when they learn what I listen to or what series I watch. I’m not like a veiled person anyway. I wear tight pants. That’s why I decided to unveil.

First, I opened it up to my mom. She wasn’t very eager, but she said, “You know best, what can I say; it’s your life eventually.” But I haven’t told my dad yet. I don’t know what to say. But I don’t think he’ll show a harsh reaction. The thing that scares me is the reaction of the people around me. I’m sure no one is expecting anything from me. My cousin, who is three years older than me, stopped veiling too. No one showed a big reaction. But I’m nervous that people will talk behind my back. Also, my dad is very pleased with me, and for him, this is an issue to brag about. I don’t want to disappoint him, but I’m unhappy this way. I’ll open this up to my dad as soon as possible, and I’ll reach my wish the day I go to the university. I hope everyone who thinks like me will get their wishes.

Translator: Leto

(Image: Anna Berezovskaya)

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