It was strangling me, and no one saw it except me.

The headscarf is a cultural symbol imposed by men rather than religion on our land. I had been thinking of taking it off for 3 years. Yet, because of social pressure, I kept distracting myself, “Maybe you think wrongly, try to love.”

I did not like it. I did not pretend to like it; it was strangling me, and no one saw it except me. 8 months ago, I told my father and mother that I wanted to take it off and that I no longer wanted to wear it. Although my mother did not want this, she said, “It is your decision” and stood behind me. My father remained silent at first, but those who had a severe impact on our lives filled and filled my father’s head against it and sent him home. Although we had violent conflicts, my father has accepted the situation and kept his silence; he even gives the necessary answer to people who say something against me now.

But my struggle on the street and the environment is not over; it continues and seems to be. I gave courage to many young women where I live. That makes me happy.

I curse everything that tries to bully and put women in a specific model.

Stay with love and solidarity.

(Image: Denis Sarazhin)

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