Who we are?

Yalnız Yürümeyeceksin, “You Won’t Walk Alone”, is a platform that is created with the purpose of being in solidarity with the women who have been undergoing the pressure of wearing a headscarf in any part of their lives by means of acknowledging and sharing their stories of struggle. The platform is brought to life voluntarily by the people that had gone through the same difficulties that met online.

If you also are scared about;
  the things you will be challenged if you say “no”,
  the fights you tried to have and cannot dare to repeat,
  hurting your mother, sister, or daughter who you could not help with your good intention but never want any evil done to them,
  your father, spouse, brother who you try to vindicate in your mind by thinking “that’s their upbringing, that’s the way they know”,
  your sister or friend who tried and failed,
  your own mind when it bewilders you to discover that a different life is possible,
the answers you face when you ask yourself the question “what worse could happen?”,
  your inner voice that says you are going to lose more if you grow wanting more and more,
  your new unknown life that you have no idea how to manage,
  or thinking about all these, indecisive about any of them, or just want to get your struggle off your chest, write your story to us.

We care about your letters because we want your voices to be heard more.

Whether anonymous or with identity, send your letter to us tell how your headscarf has engendered impasses in your life.