People will judge my decision 1 hour behind me; I live this for a lifetime.

As I read the articles here, I felt that I was not alone. I took off the hijab at this time last year.

I grew up in a family where the hijab was a tradition before religion. When all the daughters of my relatives veiled, my mother’s grumbling was replaced by more violent arguments. Every time I went out, I was told that I had to wear a hijab, and I was not even sent out alone because I wasn’t wearing the hijab. I got bored of this pressure and being veiled in high school.

When someone asked me about my hijab, I have never told them that I wear it due to family pressure. It is because I did not want them to pity me. 

Over time, I got away from the hijab more. Wasn’t the pillar of religion a prayer? Why did they force me to cover my hair before starting prayer? I made my decision; I took off the hijab. But I did not have the courage to go to school like that, and I would be embarrassed to those people. I would meet questions and glances; That’s why I decided to wait for the university. But until I went to university, I told my close friends, family, and even relatives that I wanted everyone to get used to it beforehand. 

The year I started university was the time to act, but my family overreacted. They told me that I am dishonest. Fortunately, after a week later I announced this decision, I went to university. I was also out of sight; my mom got used to it a little. She sometimes complains, but at least she does not say heavy words such as “No more bonds between us.”

I thought a lot about ‘What do people say?’ I calculated even the words of the least important person, but I realized that; people speak for 1 hour behind me; I live this for a lifetime.

So, of course, my opinion is essential. Now I tell everyone that no matter how hard it may be, you must follow your dream. Thank you to all the free-spirited people who have inspired me. I hope I can inspire someone.

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