No religion, no idea, no pressure can be superior to your child’s happiness.

Browsing this site can mean many things. It may be to wonder others’ stories, find a piece of yourself, and hate, but to wonder.

I used to stand silently and read one by one to reach my inner world in others’ stories, or with the desire to take courage. I thought of writing many times, but I always told myself that I wished that surrender would disappear never to be remembered. So I did not want to write it as if there was no such story anyway. Still, I found myself writing it because I am now at a point where I exist with everything and accept myself.

Veiling; the idea is to represent a religion. Of course, I wasn’t aware of it when I was young. I veiled, and I went out again without the headscarf the next day. When my friends at my school reacted to me, I veiled again just to accept myself, what could it mean for someone at that age? When I took off the headscarf again, my mother forced me into the house and made me wear it. I would have rebelled against that pressure, but I was afraid when I was little. Time has passed, and I was no longer thinking about this situation. As long as they grow up, inquiries begin.

Actually, I do not want to enter this part too much, which is very different. I realized that I lost my self-confidence in a distinct identity that I have not felt like myself from the beginning. I had to return from many points in my life. As I entered different circles, my ideas took shape, and I found myself trying to get out of a pattern I did not belong to. I thought I would get out of this situation when I took the exam and went to university. Still, unfortunately, I did not get the result I wanted.

I have the same troubles again, and I don’t want to go to university like this. It’s because I will always look like someone I am not when I get married and step into business life.

Where will I be? Where will I be, while being in love, achieving?

My family has a dream, and they put me there so I can take shape around it. However, I am very much out of those patterns. Most of the women who take off their headscarves are people who veiled at a young age. Families should be sensitive about this issue; no religion, no idea, no pressure can be superior to your child’s happiness. Let everyone leave their birds to freedom; oppression is only a reflection of fear in the brain; whereas it is a reflection of the self of liberty.

Oppression does not affect freedom. To many freedoms…

(Image: Akira Kusaka)

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