Yalnız Yürümeyeceksin is a platform run by over ten women who met online through various social media channels. The friendship between these women has developed by sharing their thoughts with each other on subjects as women’s rights and liberty, freedom of speech, and social injustice between genders. Their friendship has made them realize that although they all have different backgrounds and experiences about the issue of headscarves and religion, they are like-minded people who sensitively think about this issue and are willing to be in solidarity with women that need help.

The platform of Yalnız Yürümeyeceksin has been brought to life as a product of this realization.

Yalnız Yürümeyeceksin aims at anonymously or explicitly acknowledging and sharing the stories of the women who have undergone a physical or psychological pressure regarding wearing a headscarf caused by their family, social environment, or any other factor. 

The main purpose of this platform is to create a network of mental solidarity with these women to help them reach out to a wider audience by sharing their ideas and similar stories with each other, which makes them realize that they are not alone.

No. The platform of Yalnız Yürümeyeceksin has both Muslim creators and Muslim participants, who willingly share their stories, among its people. This platform’s point of concern is not “religion” but “pressure”.

The platform accepts that women can wear a headscarf willingly on completely their own volition. The aim of the platform is to show the struggle of women who have been physically or psychologically “pressured” to wear a headscarf unwillingly by sharing their stories.

No. Yalnız Yürümeyeceksin is not organically related to any kind of organization, party, association, parish, or foundation. This platform is set up by a group of volunteer women fully independently. The platform has no financial supporters, and everything, including the hosting of sites, is created through the efforts of these volunteer women. In addition, the platform is open to support for the development of solidarity and further support for women.

As answered in the former questions, the women who set up this platform are independent individuals who know each other because of their sharing of ideas independently on topics as critical feminism, freedom of speech, gender equality, libertarian feminist politics, and religion through various social media channels.

The platform of Yalnız Yürümeyeceksin has emerged as a result of this independently shared and supported ideas, which do not favor a particular political aspect and include no “project” beyond its main purpose concerning to form a solidarity. 

Most of us were possibly watching Tom & Jerry during that time. This is because even the oldest woman among the creators of the platform was seven or eight years old thereat. Jokes aside, the platform is absolutely against the policies that ban headscarves and enforce the removal of them. 

Creating a platform to stand against the pressure related to wearing a headscarf definitely does not mean to support the policies that put a different kind of pressure on women related to removing their headscarves. Yet, the adamant and insistent expectation that such an explanation stating “we are also against the reverse case” should be made as an indication of sincerity is a perfectly clear example of the psychological pressures this platform is against.