Open Corner

I was born in a body which I never want.

I thought so much to write here and finally I found that courage in myself. I have a difference from other people who write here. I am not a hijabi. I am not a woman either. I am one who is unpleasant with one’s gender,

This is not a letter for returning to family.

This is not going to be a letter to pour my heart out, to return to my family, to improve relationships, and to eat happily at the same table at the end of the day. I have always been repulsed by how some people glorify

I am colourful in every aspect of my life.

Hello, I am 17 and a bit “colourful” girl. I am colourful in every aspect of my life. Including my sexual orientation, my hair style, my fashion sense, the way I talk. I dye my hair to different colours, like blue, purple, pink. I get

A cook, a housekeeper or a hooker who works for peanuts.

            I grew up in a conservative family. And in here, you need to get married in order to have a partner. I had a religious education life that is isolated from outside world for 5 years. I haven’t had a real-life experience. Then I