The image I was in certainly did not reflect my values!

I wanted to do it, and I did it.

I grew up in a conservative family. My sister and mother wear headscarves in my family. I decided to wear headscarves in the summer that I graduated from high school because I thought I should do so. I did not observe any direct pressure from my family to wear headscarves, but I was constantly warned to be careful because I had a comfortable clothing style. I did not have a serious interrogation process on this issue until I decided to wear headscarves because I always thought, “it should be like this.”

After wearing headscarves, I started questioning, reading, and researching. I read the scriptures and realized that my values at the end of this process did not overlap with my appearance, and my values were shaped much differently. The image I was in and the patterns that this image put on me certainly did not display my values and my view of life. For a long time, this made me very unhappy; this unhappiness has begun to anticipate everything. It was just excess now, and I started to feel like I had to get rid of it to experience myself.

After seven years, I got rid of that veil, the patterns that this veil put on me, the disgusting judgments of people, and the distance in the exploration for myself. If you want it, you will find the strength to do it, and nothing and nobody will stop you.

(Image: Marie Muravski)

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