I can’t marry again to throw off the hijab.

Hello everyone. When I was in the 8th grade, I began to wear hijab, but the truth was, I never really intended to do it. I was looking awful with the hijab, and I was not feeling comfortable both physically and mentally. I completely felt

Should I have to wait for the marriage to be free?

Hello. I started to cover my hair in the 8th grade because of my parents’ psychological violence and the fear of burning in hell. When I was studying in an Islamic Imam Hatip High School, I kind of enjoyed the idea of hijab; although I

If you ask, they say, “We did not pressure.”

I am following you every day, reading the posts. There are so many parallel lives, ruined dreams. Yes, I am one of them. I am 26 years old. Six years before, I veiled on my own will. Thinking they will force me to veil, I

My mother prays that I don’t get into university.

Hello, I’m a 17-years-old young girl. But I’m still a child, according to my family. I think I worked very hard to make them accept that I have grown up. Like many of those who write to this website, my family is a religious one

I can define myself as an atheist bisexual.

Hello, I am 17. There were a lot of problems that have been on my mind for a long time. Now, I can define myself as an atheist bisexual. My family is Muslim, and they put their noses into what I wear. Maybe I wasn’t

I felt isolated.

Hello everyone. My story is neither a success nor failure story; it is in purgatory. I am a 23-year-old college student. After graduating from the 8th grade, I made my own decision to wear a hijab. I always went to summer Quran courses when I

My hair finally met the wind.

I did it, guys. My hair finally met the wind. I did it, yes. I am the 11 years old little girl who covered her hair with a headscarf with a blue hair clip, without knowing what it means. When I first wrote here, I

I am 14, and I regret everything.

It is probably a little too long, I am sorry, but I would be happy if it gets shared either way. My father is religious and oppressive. Every time we argue, he threatens me with taking away my phone or making me drop out of

They said that someone put a spell on me.

My family is entirely religious. They have been forcing me to worship since I was seven, and I have been pretending as I do. When I was 10, even my period didn’t start, they prohibited me from wearing t-shirts and pants. They wanted me to