I was treated as if I was invisible.

Hello, I saw your page from a comment on YouTube. I’ve read many of your posts. In fact, there are many people whose story is similar to me. In my story, now I want you to help me and guide me. I saw a headscarf

Islam is not responsible for this pressure on women.

Hello. I thought I was the only one with my problems, but it seems that I have so many sisters sharing the same issues as me. I have a long story to tell. I don’t know if anyone reads but, please share your comments with

I can’t wait to turn 18.

First, I’d like to clarify this; it might take some time to tell my story that I’ve been keeping to myself for a long time, so; pardon me.  My family is conservative, too, just like the rest of the families in the other letters. They

For us, not wearing a hijab was never an option.

I have a very religious family. They are not traditional Muslims. My sister and I grew up with Islamic traditions. In middle school, I went to a religious school. In the 5th grade, almost everyone was open, but my friends became hijabi one by one

I have no fear anymore!

Hello, I have studied at university as being non-hijab. In the last year of university, I turned to religiosity, and as a result, I found it appropriate to wear a hijab. I never forget the following words my father said when I decided to wear